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We are making your friendly

"The Computer is a Bicycle For Our Minds"
- Steve Jobs

As a bike that makes the most of your physical abilities,
Create a knowledge bicycle that makes the most of people's intellectual abilities.

It became a reality, and computers maximized human productivity.

Now we can get meals with just a smartphone,
Getting the best size of your clothes are delivered directly to your house.

Although many people think
"We have everything, but something isn't filled yet."

The development of technology overthrows emotions.

We do not want to ignore people's feelings, we want to create a "bike" that fits in people's feelings.

It is not an information terminal that improves efficiency and speed,
Create a friendly information terminal that can connect on an emotion basis.

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Our Products


The computer board is Raspberry Pi and much of the software is open source. All made by generic parts and can be customized by everyone.

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A software development environment for HACO that everyone can use. Block programming and text programming, became much easier to make progams

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LOGY is an online school, which provides private coding tutors for kids. You can start learning programming whenever from wherever!

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Board of Directors

Fuma Higashide

Started thinking about the project Yoki at the age of 2nd year in junior high school. In 2016, at the age of 16, applied for TOKYO STARTUP GATEWAY, which is one of the largest business contests in Tokyo. Awarded with the theme concept "Creating an active and intuitive robot that exceeds the limits of conventional information terminals."

Naoki Shirahige

After working as a freelancer, IT venture, educational organization representative, etc., he moved to a business-type educational NPO, took on business planning, and tried to rebuild business performance. The business achieved a V-shaped recovery in about one year. Joined Yoki Inc. in May 2018 and became director of development department. Currently engaged in educational activities, such as the director of CRoots.

Takaya Haneda

Have been working in investment banking at Daiwa Securities SMBC. In the IPO section, we will build equity stories, valuation, IPO consulting, etc. from financial duyiri to unlisted companies such as venture companies and listed companies. After that, he joined Raksul Co., Ltd., and started the business as a PM of the printing EC business, and he was general manager and customer support manager. Returned to Daiwa Securities in 2014 and conducted IPO operations, and achieved IPOs for a total of 5 companies. Currently independent and representative of Bus Unit Co., Ltd.


Yoki aims to "work anywhere in the world, any commit time". There are also crews who work while doing secondary work while raising children. We share each wisdom and experience from each area and aim for a better team. Let's work together.

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Corporate Information

Company Name Yoki Inc.
Board Members CEO Fuma Higashide
COO  Naoki Shirahige
CFO Takaya Haneda
Products Robot hardware and software development and sales
Founded February 15 2017
Head Office Yoki Labo, 2-1398 Minamiōya, Machida, Tokyo. 〒194-0031


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